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  • From the bus station beside Diamond Hill MTR Station, take bus 92 to its terminus at Sai Kung town.
  • Bus 111 from Cenral, opposite HSBC in Queen's Road Central to Choi Hung.
  • Board the Sai Kung minibus from exit C2 of Choi Hung MTR Station.
  • At Sai Kung Terminus take 94 bound for Wong Shek Pier and alight at the Country Park Visitor Centre at Pak Tam Chung.
  • On Sundays & Public Holidays, you can directly ride from Diamond Hill Bus Terminus by catching Bus 96R and alight at the Country Park Visitor Centre at Pak Tam Chung.
  • Final option is to catch a Taxi from Sai Kung Terminus to Pak Tam Chung should cost roughly around HK$50.
  • Difficulty: 2/5 (Strenuous Hike)
  • Distance: 10.6 Km
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Terrain: 100% Concrete
  • Mobile Coverage: Good
  • GPS Coverage: Excellent
  • Pack: 8L - 17L
  • Liquid Supplement: 1L - 2L
  • Clothing: Shorts & Shirts (Summer) + Wind Breaker (Winter)
  • Shoes: Regular rubber shoes works
  • Extras: (Summer) Sunglasses, Sunscreen & Hat / (Winter) Wind Breaker & Convertible Pants

Start at Pak Tam Chung and walk through the clearly  marked pathways along the concrete trail heading towards the High Island Reservoir / Main Dam.

These great wall of rocks holds perfectly in place to protect the mighty weight of water from the Reservoir.  Annually there's a Trail Walker race being held here. This is very easy because you will be walking on the flat and concreted service road at Sai Kung Man Yee Road.

M006 - Hong Kong has always been short of water, and imaginative scheme have been implemented to address the city's problem. Henceforth, the local government provide some recreational facilities for those who love water sports. 

Post M018 - this is a monument to perished construction workers heralds the final Dam. It was build with giant dolosses and one was placed on top to commemorate the waterfront in Sai Kung. 
The Giant Concrete Dolosses looks like a double-sided "Thor's Hammer".  This Dolosses helps protect against the approaching tide of the South China Sea.

Hong Kong Geopark Landmark next the Pavilion 

While resting at the Pavilion, this massive rock formation is very charming to photographed. The hexagonal shape of the rock is natural which makes plenty of island tourist fascinated by its beauty.

The most famous beach area along Sai Kung East Country Park. It also provides a great camping ground for people with long weekend holidays and also the end zone of MacLehose Trail Section 1. There's a closed facility but you can actually see its interior garden and buildings but it's very quiet because it's a Special Rehabilitation Centre of Hong Kong.

This is actually the end point of MacLehose rail Section 1 and as well as the Starting Point of MacLehose Trail Section 2. The way to end your hike is to return by tracing your way in or continue halfway of MacLehose Trail Section 2 passing Sai Wan Shan (314masl) and when you reach M030 turn left and trek along the upper concrete path of until starting point Post M001 is reached. Your other option is to continue hiking at MacLehose Trail Section 2 passing Tai Long Wan, Sharp Peak and take the Ferry back to Wong Shek Pier near the Youth Hostel. Or, as your final exit area; just simply complete the second section until you reach Pak Tam Au Road. When you reach the public toilet, then your done with your Section 2 hike and all you need to do is to catch 96R to return to Diamond Hill MTR Station or 94 to return to Sai Kung. 

Remember that the whole trail of MacLehose is clearly covered by signage, all you need to do is to follow then wisely and don't take any short cuts unless you really know your way back to the main path.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking & Leave No Trace!


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    Great and informative site, kabayan!
    Question lang po. Any idea how many minutes from Long Ke to Sai Wan Pavilion?



  2. Hi Leo,
    First thanks for stopping by and I appreciate the comments and the compliment!

    It would take at least 40 - 45 mins. journey from Sai Wan Pavilion to Long Kei Wan.

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