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Welcome to the last and final stage of Hong Kong Trail! This is going to Easy and Fun!

  • Take the MTR and get to SHAU KEI WAN MTR Station
  • Take Exit A1 and immediately you will see the bus station on the left hand side.
  • Locate and board in to Bus 9 heading towards Shek O. 
  • Green Mini Bus is also available at MTR Exit A3 (immediately turn left on the exit and the mini busese will be there).
  • Final option is Taxi ( expensive though)
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (Strenuous Hiking)
  • Distance: Roughly 8.5 km
  • Duration: 2.75hrs - 3hrs
  • Terrain 1: 40% Natural, 40% Modified steps and 20% Tarmac (Original Trail)
  • Terrain 2: 60% Natural, 30% Modified Steps and 10% Tarmac (Mt. Collinson Route)
  • 8L-11L Pack
  • 1L Water/Energy Drink
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Good Hiking Boots
  • Regular Shorts and Shirt (Original Trail)
  • Long Sleeves and Convertible Pants (Mt. Collinson Route)
  • Personal Emergency Kit

Be alert on this bus stop because it comes after the bus curves around the road and if you miss it, u will walk back a bit longer...better let the bus driver know where your getting off.

This is what the starting point looks like

There will be a few stairs like this within the trail..I guess U can always have an option of walking along the side the the staircase just to hike a little more natural.

This beautiful panorama will appear quickly as soon as u get to the trail opening and you can actually see the Stanley Town is on the upper left.

Take the stairs uphill again. The trail is clearly mark and you should always peel your eyes on those signs because all of them indicates your grid location.

Immediately after 5mins this will amaze you... "Welcome to SHEK O!"

Just a little hike and this Luscious and Luxurious Mountain Range appears. Enjoy the natural trail from here until you reach the summit of Shek O.

Looking back at the trail were you've been and the Hill of D'Aguilar is nicely blending with the rest of Dragon's Back Trail.


....and the trail goes on!

The Original trail continues to the left and all you have is a clear path with sign post and flat trail. The other option here is the passage behind that straight up post with Hikers logo; it'll take you in to the most entertaining part of  Hiking, Bushwacking and negotiating in a real jungle-like trail! But then again... the choice is up to you if you wish to continue with the original trail or the exciting option of Mt. Collinson Trail (you will get to see another summit marker up there). 

If you continue with the original trail this is it!
At the bottom of the stair, turn left and from here it will be flat trekking for about 23mins.

...this FLAT!

A little bit of trail entertainment specially during wet season, all the streams are strongly flowing cool can scoop a few to refresh yourself.

There's a blue colored toilet on the left side and when your done here, please proceed to in a direction heading Big Wave Beach. By looking at this photo, you will need to turn right and walk on concrete road for the next 15mins or so.

...after walking for 15mins, the road ends and you must turn left and then right immediately (you may need to walk in a direct towards the Pavilion).

You need to pass the Pavilion by walking along the catchment and you'll soon see this...the sign post will lead you to Big Wave Beach, just simply walk down the stairs and the rest of the trail will take another 20mins  before reaching the final sign post "100".

Here is the final post "100" and this means "Hong Kong Trail" is done. There are no welcoming committee, no red carpet, no band playing your favorite tune and no certificate of accomplishment from the town Mayor. This is simply letting you know that you finished all  Hong Kong Trail and you have proven to yourself that you can accomplish something that you will cherish for ever. 

Perfect ..."100"

As for your own personal reward, you can take a dip at Big Wave Beach or Shek O Beach and treat yourself with anything you like at the restaurants along the beach.

Welcome To The Next Level!

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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