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Starting at POK FU LAM RESERVOIR Road either take the public transport to the PEAK and then follow the pedestrian Pok Fu Lam Road downhill; or catch any bus from Central Ferry Pier/Bus Stations heading towards Aberdeen, and then alight at the turning near the Pok Fu Lam Horse Riding School, finally, walk uphill and pass the Pok Fu Lam Reservoir. 

New World's First Bus (NWFB):
  • 15 Running between Central Exchange Square and The PEAK
  • 4  Running between Star Ferry Pier in Central and Wah Fu Estate (South)
  • 43X Running between Admiralty MTR Station Wah Kwai Estate
  • 46X Running between Tin Wan and Wan Chai Ferry Pier
  • 91 Running between Ap Lei Chau Estate and Central Ferry Pier
  • 94 Running between Lei Tung Estate and Central Ferry Pier Station
  • City Bus No. 7 Running between Central Ferry Pier and Shek Pai Wan
  • 37A Running between Chi Fu Fa Yuen and Central Ferry Pier
  • 40 Running Between Wah Fu Estate (North) and Wan Chai Ferry Pier
  • 40M Running Between Wah Fu Estate (North) and Wan Chai Ferry Pier
  • Mini Bus 22 Running between Star Ferry Pier and Pok Fu Lam Garden
  • Route: Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road - Peel Rise
  • Distance: 4.5km
  • Duration: 1.50hr. 
  • Difficulty: 2/5 (fairly challenging walk)
  • 15L-20L Pack
  • 1L Liquid Supplement
  • Regular Hiking Shoes
  • Convertible Pants
  • Light & Colored Shirt (Bright)
  • Snack Bar/Fruit/Bread (Anything will do incase you continue Section 3)
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)


When you reach a "T" road with a water flowing through the water catchment and a map board on your left, this means your on the right place and at this point you must take the RIGHT TURN and proceed to the route that indicate "PEEL RISE".  Along this path you will soon find this Water Treatment Service Facility.

You may stop here for a little while before hiking the stairs uphill.

This is what the stairs looks like and the park you took a break was just down below.

Now, proceed uphill and you will see a sign that says "Compass Viewing Point" and this is what you will see when you reach the area.

The greatest pleasure of Hong Kong Trail are the friendly signs like this one which helps all the hikers even beginner level not to get lost. There are some Emergency Calling Post that can help the hiker in need of rescue but fair warning..."misused it and you will be liable to persecution". 


When you reach this Stream...Your almost done with the stage and it's up to you if you still wish to continue the next section (Hong Kong Trail Section 3) all the way to Wan Chai Gap, it may take another 6.5km / 1.80 hours to finish.

After passing the Chinese Pavilion you will see the sign post "H022", you will start to negotiate from here if you wish to proceed with the rest of the trail (PEEL RISE) or turn right and head downhill (Via WAH FU ESTATE and head towards the bus station to get back in the city.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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