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Starting at TIN FU TSAI, this section is best tackled as a continuation of the previous shorter stage of MacLehose Trail Section 9. Since getting to the starting point of Section 10 is the same distance elsewhere, though it can be reached by green mini bus 96M from Tsuen Wan MTR station until it reaches it bus terminus at Tsing Lung Tau,and then follow the maze of track uphill passing Yuen Tun and Tsing Fai Tong. 

It sound very complicated and confusing isn't it? Which is why I highly suggest that you should do both Section 9 and 10 in one go! But you need to start early and you must have a perfect endurance and must be physically fit to do a 21.9km Trek. It is also best to do this long trail during winter season in Hong Kong than summer season because dehydration and heat-stroke is what your trying to prevent from happening.

  • Green Mini Bus 96M at Tsuen Wan MTR Station (If your doing Section 10 only)
  • (Note: if your doing both Section 9 and 10)...take the MTR to Tsuen Wan West Station (Purple Lane) and leave by using Exit D. After exiting at the sliding "Glass Doorway", immediately turn to the left and locate the bus terminus of single decked BUS 51 to Route Twisk via Tsuen Kam Au. 
  • Get off after you see the TAI MO SHAN COUNTRY PARK signboard in the middle of the road.
  • The sign "WELCOME TO YUEN LONG" is next to the bus station and you just need to walk back to get to the starting point of Section 9. Hike for about 6.3Km at about 2.5hours until u reach the starting point of Section 10.
(NOTE: This references is for the 2 Section Trek)
  • 11L -22L Pack
  • 3L Liquid Supplement (Summer) / 2L Liquid Supplement (Winter)
  • Clothing (Please refer to the weather condition)
  • Shoes (A good pair of rubber shoes is fine but proper Hiking shoes is a must).
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sun Block/Sunglasses/Sun Visor
  • Extra Shirt
  • Snack (a must in between beaks)
  • Food (because the trail is 21.9 km / 7.5-8.0 Hours for 2 need a good source of energy)
(Note: For Section 10)
  • Difficulty: 2/5 (For Expert Hiker) and 3/5 (For Beginners)
  • Distance: 15.6 Km
  • Duration: 5 Hours
  • Terrain: 70% Tarmac and 30% Natural Trail

Starting Point at Tin Fu Tsai

Map board of Section 10 and the other hiking route around, as well as the information on the length and duration of the proceeding trail/s.

Located along Wing Kat (Forever Lucky) Bridge which is adjacent to gnarled tree. There's been a huge change here since my last visit. At this point the route is redirected uphill on the service road from its former route along the shore of Tai Lam Chung Reservoir. We no longer have the luxury of walking along the reservoir and stream and we also avoided sense of  flash flood fear during monsoon season.

Along the pavement trail and luscious green vegetation...this landscape will immerge.   

The continuation of the route is on the left side along the board map.

It may seem like a dead-end  but the stairway uphill is the continuation of your trail. From up the hill, you are now bound to hike along the natural but well maintained trail.

After that smooth hike for 25 mins on natural path the trail again joins a service road at Post 183. Follow it downhill, enjoying Tai Lam Chung Reservoir and all the fascinating view and the luscious green vegetation encroaching  the curved shores of the reservoir with the hills of China from a distance. 

(Photo taken at Post 185)

At Trail Post M187, the trail takes a sharp right uphill to reach the Tai Lam Chung Water Catchment. From here onwards for the next six kilometers it's level walking, as if taking into account the fact that any strenuous hiking would be less than welcome considering the number of markers.

Kai Keng Shan (Nine Paths Mountains) rise on your right as you look down over Gold Coast and across the Lantau Island.  

Featuring the lush vegetation in front of Harrow International School and Lantau Island from a distance.

Along the Post M196 is a great resting point with benches and beautiful scenery of Castle Peak.

This perfect and beautiful panorama of Castle Peak and Tuen Mun District at trail post M198.

At the end of the catchment, take the stone path on the left  passing under the wooden archway and you will see this map board in between trails and all you need to do is to descend along the yellow railed stairs. 

Here is your descend point and remember to follow the yellow railings until you reach Trail Post M200.

This is the final post and map board, this is also the end of MacLehose Trail.

Finally you've reached the last section of Hong Kong's very famous trail.

Buses 52M, 67M and the all the Red Mini-Buses all follow the Tuen Mun towards MTR Stations in Kowloon. Bus 961, which runs directly to Hong Kong Island via Western Harbour Tunnel. You need to cross the Castle Peak Road at the traffic light on the left side of the road, head up the covered stairway. Turn left and pass the Gasoline Station and the Chinese Temple and the Shopping Mall. Finally, cross the opposite road and head towards the bus station alongside the restaurant and you will soon find the bus stations.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace

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