Monday, April 22, 2013

TAI SHUI HANG TRAIL (Discovery Bay - Mui Wo Trail)

This trail is satisfactory in terms of terrain and scenic views. It consist of tarmac trail and atleast 70% natural rugged terrain. This section can both be done from Discovery Bay (Tai Pak Wan) or from Silver Mine Bay (Ngan Kwong Wan) to  Mui Wo Ferry Terminal. It's great to visit this trail anytime of the year but as for me, I'd prefer doing it on the weekend because you'll get yourself rewarded on the festivity vibe on either ending point after atleast 2 hour of Hike. 


  • Take the ferry to Discovery Bay and walk uphill to Discovery Valley Road until you reach the Discovery Bay Reservoir.
  • Take the MTR and Get Off at "Sunny Bay Station" then take any bus that will lead you to Discovery Bay. Get off next to DB Residence Club and walk uphill to to Discovery Valley Road until you reach DB Reservoir.
(From MUI WO)
  • Walk along "Tung Wan Tau Road" and from here you will pass the Silver Mine Bay until you reach a section with a stair heading uphill next to a sandy color lavatory and residential houses. 

  • At least 500ml of Hydration.
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Extra Shirt (During Summer)
  • Swimwear (If you wish to take a dip during summer)
  • Convertible Pants (Pants to Shorts vice-versa)
  • Arm Protector (Optional but to prevent scratches)
  • A good spiky running shoes will do the job


(Note: This trail is done from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo or Silver Mine Bay)

After walking uphill along Discovery Valley Road and pass the DB Reservoir you will see get meet this "Flyover", and the starting area is just around the left bend with a green board signage that says "Mui Wo" and "Trappist Monastery". 

In this section, you will now start to hike on the natural and maintained trail.

Almost everywhere is like this type of terrain so you better have a good
spiky shoes cos it can be too slippery when rain.

Don't get lost!
With that Blue Signage board you'll never miss a turn.

This is just the main scene as you walk along this wonderful trail..."Discovery Bay" 

Here comes the rough part!
You will start to negotiate to too many ups and down and side winding along the beginning of trail but this is where you will need to cross the mini stream and Hike thru the bushes.

The Mini Stream
There's a signage that could cause some confusion  but  it's easy, just follow the signage that says "Mui Wo" and you will cross this mini stream.

After crossing the Stream, you are now bound to negotiate thru the shrubland so prepare those arm-cover or scratch protectors.    

You are going to Hike that Mountain and it's last don't worry (^.^)
...and for sure you will be celebrating on the other side! 

Tai Shui Hang 276masl

After a good uphill Hike and Summit reach at Tai Shui Hang, then  you will see your bearings to end the Hike. Along this section you will encounter a junction and you will get to see a stairs uphill towards the early morning hikers and fitness enthusiast. But you will need to keep going to the right side and enter the jungle again (^.^) don't's very easy! 

Read the sign and know your bearings..."Mui Wo".

After trekking thru the jungle, you are now bound to walk along the concrete stairs and road again
....until you reach "Silver Mine Bay".

Almost Done!

This is "TUNG WAN TAU" the road along Silver Mine Bay and this section can be your
"Starting Point" as well and finish at Discovery Bay. 

Chillax Here!

Drink & Dine here and you'll get the best out of food and scenery.
In here and you will be looking over at Silver Mine Beach
...and that's a good treat for a weekend hike!

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This is by far the most natural, the most extreme and challenging trail along side Lantau Peak., South Lo Hon Tower Trail is 100% natural from its starting point up to the end of the trail and only an expert and experienced Hiker/s are allowed to take the challenges of this trail as it is perilous to Novice Hikers. I highly suggest that if any Hiker/s, Team or Organization wish to try out this must consider the danger involve. 

Trail Info:
-Difficulty: 4.5 / 5
-Duration: 5 hrs (from: Main Entry Point)

- (Note: If your an expert Hiker you must know what to bring on this type of hiking expedition).

-Via Mini Bus #34: Ride for about 15mins from Tung Chung Bus Terminal until u reach the Shuttle Bus Terminal at SHEK MUN KAP Village

-Via Foot: Walk for about 30mins from Tung Chung MTR Station to Shek Mun Kap.

-Via Taxi: 10 mins from Tung Chung Taxi Terminal along Exit A (Blue Taxi).


If you decide to take this Shuttle Bus 34 from Tung Chung Bus Terminal, you will get off at the Shuttle Bus  Terminal at SHEK MUN KAP Village.

Follow the path towards Lo Hon Monastery uphill - for some, this is an easy walk along the pavement!

While walking uphill, this is what your going to if it's teasing or inviting a hiker/s!

This Clean & Clear Stream is very relaxing and refreshing  for a Pit-Stop. 

This is still part of warm-up stage as you work your way towards the Main Starting Point.

Don't get lost and follow the leader!

When you notice these signage on the left side then you are almost close to the
Main Entry Point...try to save energy on this pavement!

As you can see, the Expert Hikers are gathered together to utter their salutation
before taking their first step at the main entry point. 

...and the ACTION BEGIN!

Negotiate carefully along these moving rocks!

Gathering Station I
Here is where everyone can have a bit of rest and refueling, have some power bar or
anything to regain your energy back and after a short break, that clearly marked trail (in red)  is going to be you next Hiking, Climbing and Bouldering slow and careful here!

This is what I meant about steep climb...a slight  Bouldering / Climbing to negotiate with.

Always try to keep your head up and look for your bearing point, that
clearly marked location / destination is... LO HON TOWER.

Gathering Section II
This is flat and open section where everyone can have power meal
 before taking another non-stop push towards "ROOSTER ROCK".

Using a little bit of imagination and you can easily determine that
this rock formation really like a Rooster's Head.

Final push after the Rooster Rock and U will get to Lo Hon Tower & The Lo Hon Tower Cave. Be sure to get inside the caving and pay a little tribute! Inside the caving, U can see a lot of hikers ribbon to identify that a certain team of hikers has been there. The Clearly marked route will take you towards your choice of "END POINT". 

Here are the Team of Mountaineers that I cater inside the Cave.

Here's what it may look like when U take a photo of someone inside the Cave. The Hiker pointing on the
right is LO HON TOWER & on the left side is the wall of LO HON TOWER CAVE.

After choosing our destination and meet the other hikers along the way....we decided to climb on top of
LO HON TOWER CAVE and Cross-Over towards LANTAU PEAK.
(other Mountaineers Tackled North Lo Hon Tower Trail)

When you reach the Summit of Lantau Peak, there are plenty of choices to end your journey:
- Ngong Ping 360 (at Lantau Buddah)
- Dog Teeth Trails: West, Middle & East
- Ngong Ping Campsite
- Pak Kung Au

Some highlights of the trail as we finish our hiking trip at Pak Kung Au.

On a fine and clear day...this is another highlight of the trail...and just around here is a shelter where you can have  another break and maybe wait for a magical sunset to happen.

The sky is clear and the temperature is low and our hiking is almost done and here's what I say  so...
a Beautiful Sunset!

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!