Friday, September 28, 2012


Sharp Peak - (Nam She Tsim) is a hill which lies within the Sai Kung East Country Park, North Of Tai Long Wan in the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is Particularly well known for its well defined sharp peak. which rises to the height of 468masl. The hill is hard for hikers but it is very popular to many hikers in Hong Kong.

- Take the MTR  to Diamond Hill Station and board in to Bus 96R (during weekends & public holidays) or take the KMB Bus 94 to Pak Tam Au. Then alight at the end point of Maclehose Trail Section 2. I'm very sure you won't miss it because this trail is very popular... many hiker would eventually gets off here. 

Trail Information:
Difficulty: 4/5
Duration: 3 Hours (expert hikers)
Terrain: 30% tarmac & 70% Natural Trail.

The end point of Maclehose Trail Stage 2, the best way and the perfect place to start  because here is the easy way to get you to Sharp Peak.

Sharp Peak....a captivating view from a far!

A serene scenery along the way... the 3 white houses are youth hostel, many campers will be seen along this area.

If you have a long weekend holiday, why not spend it in this very peaceful valley / campsite.

Keep your eyes peeled because this is where your going to start your 
extreme adventure to Sharp Peak
 (In front of this entry point, you will see an emergency calling booth)

The Beastly Challenger! I really like this mountain and it does pay off when you get to the top of it. You will have to use your hands to climb the rocky part of the mountain, so make sure u have some gloves (optional).

Picturing at this angle makes it a bit more dramatic because I've got the TAI LONG WAN  beach down below. Once you get up here, Sai Kung East Country Park Valley will emerge

This is taken from the show you the luscious landscape of Tai Long Wan. Head down to the beach and take plunge into the cool, clean and clear water.  

There are several restaurants that serves food and beverages for all their guests. This gets really busy on the weekend and public holidays because plenty of campers, island hoppers, locals and hikers get their pit stop here.

There are so many ways to end your journey, one of which is to venture your way to Maclehose Trail Section 1 (But it will take another 4.5 hours from the Tai Long Wan Restaurants). The other way is to walk back using the foot path towards the YOUTH HOSTEL and from there you can take the ferry back to Wong Shek Pier...then, end your adventure by taking the bus towards Diamond Hill MTR Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


FEI NGO SHAN - Is a hilly road in New Kowloon of Hong Kong. The road begins east at Clear Water Bay Road in Cha Liu Au North to Custom Pass and Pak Kung Au and continue north to Tate's Pass (Tai Lo Au). It Turns west and ends at Shatin Pass Road at the junction of of Jat's incline. 

- Take the MTR to WONG TAI SIN and leave by using exit A.
- Turn left immediately and locate the green minibus station 18 or 18M towards SHATIN PASS.

TRAIL INFO: Difficulty: 4/5 (Expert Hiker)
Duration: 3.5 Hours
Terrain: 30% Tarmac & 70% Natural Trail


Alight when the bus starts to climb a little bit uphill & look for this Monastery before it turns to the right
(China Light & Power).  

Make your way up to the winding road of SHATIN PASS and  locate this PAGODA. Around this are, you will see a lot of Hikers, Runners & Bike Riders during the weekends because this is the center of everything. You will  find the mini store and as well as the lavatory. This junction also serves to all the trails such as Lion Rock, Amah Rock, Gilwell Campsite, Ma On Shan's Buffalo Hill, of course Fei Ngo Shan and many others.

This will be the starting area of your adventure to Fei Ngo Shan.  There's a viewing point  if you climb up to stairs
(But that is not where you start your way to Fei Ngo Shan). Your way point is at the right-side where the blue portable lavatory is placed.

Just walk around the right side of this section and you can easily find your way  towards the highest peak in Kowloon.

This will serve as your first challenge after passing under the Electric Post.  When you reach to the top, be sure to take a break, look around the 360 view and probably take a few pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The fascinating beauty of FEI NGO SHAN. Only a couple hills  to get to the summit of it. Around this are is where you can have a little rest, a light snack, a few drinks and photography session.
(This section of the trail is really nice)

When you reach the part were you can see the "H" sign, well that for the helicopter  to land on during rescue mission. You will need take the stairs on the right side to get to this summit marker.  

After spending a few second at the Summit, you will need to take this short stairs on your downhill process. You will need to skip around the left side of that round building. (Be sure to skip carefully around this area because any sudden miscalculations could cause fatal accident). 

Here is your downhill scenery! Go ahead and scream! ...there are visible path to get to the end point, but beware of the ending area because there's a house next to it with a dog & without leash and it chased people ^_^ 

Take the green minibus #1 to get to Choi Hung MTR station or take the double decked bus 91 to
Diamond Hill Station (Fear not to get lost because the terminal of this bus is at the MTR Station).

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!


TAI MO SHAN - literally 'Big Hat"; is the highest peak in Hong Kong, with an altitude of 957masl. It is located approximately at the geographical center of the New Territories. The area surrounding Tai Mo Shan is known as Tai Mo Shan Country Park, which covers an area of 14.40 km. It is also located at Tai Lam Country Park. It was once a volcano and has long been extinct, so it is made up of volcanic rocks from the Jurassic age. It is rather easy the peak as there is a road all the way at a comfortable gradient. People cannot actually access the highest point as it is occupied by a Hong Kong Observatory (ex-RAF) weather radar station.

Difficulty: 3/5
Duration: 5 Hours (Expert Hikers)
Distance: 9.7 km
Terrain: 40% Tarmac & 60% Natural Trail

- Take the MTR to Tsuen Wan and leave by Exit B.
- Take the walkway to Shiu Wo Street to find minibus 82
- Get off at the final stop (Terminus) of the bus at Pineapple Dam.
- Take the trail heading towards Lead Mine Pass and you will find the main gate of MacLehose Trail Stage 8 which is the trail heading to Tai Mo Shan.


STARTING AREA: This is the final stop of the green minibus 82, it will serve as your warm-up section to get to Lead Mine Pass and locate the starting gate of MacLehose Trail Stage 8 (Tai Mo Shan Trail). Before you push on, there's a food & beverage kiosk and toilet (That's if you feel like it though).
CAMPSITE: Many weekend hiker's prefers to spend overnight camping experience so they have this section for them to do so. If you don't feel like doing it, then proceed just a little bit & you finally see the starting gate of Tai Mo Shan Trail.
STARTING GATE: The ever welcoming trail gateway! Here you can have a little rest at the Hiker's Shed and there's also a lavatory if you wish to freshin' up before you head on to the Highest Peak of Hong Kong. 
HUGE ROCKS: The whole mountain is surrounded by this kind of rocks and this one that  the hiker's pretending to separate is one of the well known rock formation on the trail.
THERE IT IS! Just a few kilometers away and you will finally achieve the experience of a lifetime.
(There's another resting area after passing this rocks).
(Stay for a while a take a photo or two just to remember
the greatest feeling on earth  after reaching the highest  peak) 
(2nd among the 3 beacons you will  find on top)

CHOOSE YOUR EXIT: The way to end this trail is to walk downhill on the tarmac towards the end but plenty of hikers created  a lot of detour so that they can finish the trail faster. My best suggestion is to go through the the bushes.
ROUTE TWISK: Finally, the end zone! Before reaching this exit area, you will have to pass thru the Country Park Management Office. Another lavatory is around the corner so you could change before jumping into an air conditioned bus 51 heading to Nina Tower. Returning to the city is going to be easy because after you reach the bus terminal at Nina Tower you can also find the Tsuen Wan West Railways Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


LO HON TOWER - This trail is located next to the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong (Lantau Peak). From the starting point until you reach the end point, the trail is very natural and very difficult. It is very challenging but very fulfilling once you get over to the other side. The view of Lantau is overwhelming once you get to the summit (The Cave). So, good luck on your adventure here.

It's a trail that's not easy to find on the map or in any blog or website. (You will need a guide to venture this section because if you get lost or seriously get injured, it will be very hard to locate you). This trail is not advisable for novice, it has dangerous cliffs and walking through the grass covered trail is very difficult. Never venture this trail alone!

- Take the Mass Trasit Railway (MTR) towards Tung Chung Station and then ride the mini bus #34 heading to Shek Mun Kap & Lo Hon Monastery.

Difficulty: 5/5
Duration: 3 hours (Expert Hiker)
Terrain: 20% Tarmac & 80% Natural Trail (From the Starting Area)

STARTING AREA: You must keep your eyes peeled to stop at this starting area  because if you miss this, you will hike the Ngong Ping 360 Trail. The Location of this Starting Area is in front of  the gate of  Lo Hon Monastery
(The Monastery Gate is in front of me, where the camera is placed). 
This huge rock will be your first stop of the hike so that you can take a minute of rest and enjoy the view down below. At this point you are looking at Tung Chung Residential Area.

This will be your second stop on the trail. Be sure to watch your step as you climb up here because some rocks move (photo is taken on a downhill mode).

The ever welcoming Huge is where most hikers would scream "Summit" because this is  LO HON TOWER! Take your time on this section because you will need a little breather, lunch, light snack and drink (maybe). After your short break, you need to walk around the right side of this rock to see the cave on the other side.

This is the CAVE after you pass the Lo Hon Tower! Some hikers would take the easy  route around the right side of this cave but plenty of hikers prefer to choose the hard one and it is directly on top of this Cave. 

When you reach the top of the cave, you can choose your way of ending your adventure by either crossing over to the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong (Lantau Peak) or at picture shown above. Be sure to follow the yellow rope/marker on your downhill.

SHEK PIK RESERVOIR:  This is really an event stopper because of its beauty . In addition, the location is absolutely brilliant on a clear blue day.   

WOODEN PLANK: Another event stunner and it is also a perfect area to end your journey.

END POINT: Exactly below the bent leg of the PHOENIX is your exit point. The wooden gateway is actually the exit gate for Lantau Peak (Hong Kong's 2nd Highest Mountain Peak)   

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!