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LO HON TOWER - This trail is located next to the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong (Lantau Peak). From the starting point until you reach the end point, the trail is very natural and very difficult. It is very challenging but very fulfilling once you get over to the other side. The view of Lantau is overwhelming once you get to the summit (The Cave). So, good luck on your adventure here.

It's a trail that's not easy to find on the map or in any blog or website. (You will need a guide to venture this section because if you get lost or seriously get injured, it will be very hard to locate you). This trail is not advisable for novice, it has dangerous cliffs and walking through the grass covered trail is very difficult. Never venture this trail alone!

- Take the Mass Trasit Railway (MTR) towards Tung Chung Station and then ride the mini bus #34 heading to Shek Mun Kap & Lo Hon Monastery.

Difficulty: 5/5
Duration: 3 hours (Expert Hiker)
Terrain: 20% Tarmac & 80% Natural Trail (From the Starting Area)

STARTING AREA: You must keep your eyes peeled to stop at this starting area  because if you miss this, you will hike the Ngong Ping 360 Trail. The Location of this Starting Area is in front of  the gate of  Lo Hon Monastery
(The Monastery Gate is in front of me, where the camera is placed). 
This huge rock will be your first stop of the hike so that you can take a minute of rest and enjoy the view down below. At this point you are looking at Tung Chung Residential Area.

This will be your second stop on the trail. Be sure to watch your step as you climb up here because some rocks move (photo is taken on a downhill mode).

The ever welcoming Huge is where most hikers would scream "Summit" because this is  LO HON TOWER! Take your time on this section because you will need a little breather, lunch, light snack and drink (maybe). After your short break, you need to walk around the right side of this rock to see the cave on the other side.

This is the CAVE after you pass the Lo Hon Tower! Some hikers would take the easy  route around the right side of this cave but plenty of hikers prefer to choose the hard one and it is directly on top of this Cave. 

When you reach the top of the cave, you can choose your way of ending your adventure by either crossing over to the 2nd highest peak in Hong Kong (Lantau Peak) or at picture shown above. Be sure to follow the yellow rope/marker on your downhill.

SHEK PIK RESERVOIR:  This is really an event stopper because of its beauty . In addition, the location is absolutely brilliant on a clear blue day.   

WOODEN PLANK: Another event stunner and it is also a perfect area to end your journey.

END POINT: Exactly below the bent leg of the PHOENIX is your exit point. The wooden gateway is actually the exit gate for Lantau Peak (Hong Kong's 2nd Highest Mountain Peak)   

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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