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Sharp Peak - (Nam She Tsim) is a hill which lies within the Sai Kung East Country Park, North Of Tai Long Wan in the Sai Kung Peninsula in Hong Kong. It is Particularly well known for its well defined sharp peak. which rises to the height of 468masl. The hill is hard for hikers but it is very popular to many hikers in Hong Kong.

- Take the MTR  to Diamond Hill Station and board in to Bus 96R (during weekends & public holidays) or take the KMB Bus 94 to Pak Tam Au. Then alight at the end point of Maclehose Trail Section 2. I'm very sure you won't miss it because this trail is very popular... many hiker would eventually gets off here. 

Trail Information:
Difficulty: 4/5
Duration: 3 Hours (expert hikers)
Terrain: 30% tarmac & 70% Natural Trail.

The end point of Maclehose Trail Stage 2, the best way and the perfect place to start  because here is the easy way to get you to Sharp Peak.

Sharp Peak....a captivating view from a far!

A serene scenery along the way... the 3 white houses are youth hostel, many campers will be seen along this area.

If you have a long weekend holiday, why not spend it in this very peaceful valley / campsite.

Keep your eyes peeled because this is where your going to start your 
extreme adventure to Sharp Peak
 (In front of this entry point, you will see an emergency calling booth)

The Beastly Challenger! I really like this mountain and it does pay off when you get to the top of it. You will have to use your hands to climb the rocky part of the mountain, so make sure u have some gloves (optional).

Picturing at this angle makes it a bit more dramatic because I've got the TAI LONG WAN  beach down below. Once you get up here, Sai Kung East Country Park Valley will emerge

This is taken from the show you the luscious landscape of Tai Long Wan. Head down to the beach and take plunge into the cool, clean and clear water.  

There are several restaurants that serves food and beverages for all their guests. This gets really busy on the weekend and public holidays because plenty of campers, island hoppers, locals and hikers get their pit stop here.

There are so many ways to end your journey, one of which is to venture your way to Maclehose Trail Section 1 (But it will take another 4.5 hours from the Tai Long Wan Restaurants). The other way is to walk back using the foot path towards the YOUTH HOSTEL and from there you can take the ferry back to Wong Shek Pier...then, end your adventure by taking the bus towards Diamond Hill MTR Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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