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TUNG LUNG ISLAND - Is a special fort area. It is one of the most beautiful island in Hong Kong. It is also one of the most favorite camping location for FILMS, local campers & foreign back packers. Visit this place by yourself, friends or with group and be amazed of its peaceful beauty....as if time stops here!

Only by Ferry and it will be available at Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Peir & Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier.

(This journey is from Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier) :
Take The MTR to Yau Tong MTR Station and Leave by exit A2. Then proceed straight uphill then downhill in the direction towards the Ferry Pier after passing the gold fish statues. (Follow the photo below on how to get to the Ferry Pier)

(Ferry Departures) 08:30, 09:50, 11:00, 13:30, 15:00 & 16:00
(Ferry Return) 9:05, 10:20, 14:00 15:30 & 17:00

Restaurant, Holiday Store, Washing Water, Toilet (Not Your 1st Class Lavatory).
(Note: All this resources are within 20 mins. away from Campsite).

-There are a couple of hiking location on the island and all of then are suitable for beginners and intermediate hikers. The "Hen Hill", " The Dam" and the "Tung Lung Island Summits" 232 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level).


"The Fat Ladies" - Located at the exit of Yau Tong MTR Station Exit A.  Be sure to take exit A2 when you leave the MTR Station. Follow the road uphill then downhill turn right to get to the Ferry Pier. 

This is the Ferry Pier to Tung Lung Island (Around 5-7mins. away from Yau Tong MTR Station).

Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Terminal - You will need to buy a ticket that will cost HK$36.00 (Round Trip). The Ticket is only valid on the Date(s) and the Time shown above.

Tung Lung Island Terminal
This is where your adventure begins. You will need to walk around 20mins towards the campsite but while you get there, you will be seeing few restaurants and holiday store.
(Note: Food is really cheap around here but not the drinks)

Gateway to the campsite and all the beautiful spots on the island.

This is the Main campsite but you can set-up your tent pretty much any where you like.  

To know a little bit about the history of the island, you must try and visit this re-constructed exhibit house (Free of charge).

Another historical spot on the island. under this roofed historical spot, you will have to use your imagination and see what it was like during the "Dynasty's Era".

In this location, you will encounter some rock climbers from below, the cave, the Clearwater Bay Country Club and on a clear day, you will see the Kwo Chau Kwan To (Nine Pin Group).

Along the way, this is the best spot to take a little dip. 

A novice hiking trail but you may come across this rock carving  on your way to the campsite.

(Note: Be sure not to enter this premises because of the radiations in this facility, though it looks abandon, it has a CCTV camera installed to prevent trespassers and vandalism).  

There are 2 helicopter landing area in this island and 1 of them is this, so that if any of the island hoppers get into trouble...they could be air-lifted (but not to easy to get up here).

Around 232 meters above sea level, Tung Lung Island Summit has a very fun and slightly challenging trail if you start at the campsite. Very good trail for the intermediate and as well as novice hiker.

Kill Nothing But Time, Take Nothing But Picture & Leave Nothing But Footprints

Enjoy The Island!


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