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Kai Kung Leng (Lam Tsuen Country Park) - This trail is probably the most exciting trail in the whole Country Parks of  Hong Kong because this trail has no trail signs, no map boards and the list goes on. This trail will give you the adventure of a lifetime and I'm sure that after hiking this area, you will surely set foot and venture this trail once again. This area has two Summit Peaks:  Kai Kung Leng (585masl) and Kai Kung Shan (374masl). The country Park opened in 1979 and it span over parts of Tai Po, Fanling, and Yuen Long. The park is divided in to two parts by Fan Kam Road: Tai To Yan and Kai Kung Leng.

  1. Take the MTR and head towards Sheung Shui Station.
  2. Leave by using Exit A3
  3. Locate and Ride the Bus 77K (The Bus Stop Has Fiber-Glass Roofing).
  4. Get off at the bus stop of KIU TAU.
  5. Walk about 3 mins to the starting point (Just follow the direction of the bus were you get off too).
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Duration: 3.5 Hours
  • Terrain: 90% Natural & 10% Man-made Modification
  • 2-3 Liters of water
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Light weight and dri-fit clothing material
  • Proper pair of hiking shoes/boots
  • Extra shirt
  • 1 Power Bar & Fruit (Just Enough) 
  • Pair of Sun Glasses & Hat (Optional)
  • A Navigational Map
  • Two-Way Radio (Optional)
  • Mobile Phone
Be sure to carry a pack that weigh between 8L to 20L.


This is the entrance to Kai Kung Leng (Lam Tsuen Country Park). The starting area is surrounded by local dogs but don't freaked out because I know that you can pass this guards with your own special skills.

The Main Entry Point doesn't have proper gateway.

After a few seconds of out smarting the dogs, you will now start your adventure and this concrete stairs are just about right for warm-up and it's slightly covered with shrubs.  

This is what's going to welcome you after passing the shrub land area. The welcoming hills and mountain of Kai Kung Leng & Kai Kung Shan (Lam Tsuen Country Park). The trail has been visited by many hikers in the past and up 'til now, so even if there's no signage or map board you won't get lost even if you venture alone!

After a minimal hike uphill, this rocks and powerful Mountain gives certain peace and tranquility.

Keep going further and your eyes will feast on this Golden colored  grass that's blankets the whole mountain range.

The whole stretch of this trail has plenty of route but  if you pause for a second and look around, you will eventually know your bearings.

Another mountain up ahead, but the clear blue sky, glittery gold-like grasses and a very cool breeze will keep you going.

The KAI KUNG LENG Summit which stand 585 meters above sea level.

After reaching the summit, try to locate this collection rocks along the way. Around the right side of this rocks is your next way point.

Then after passing those huge pile of rocks, you will now venture the last hills and mountain of Lam Tsuen Country Park known as KAI KUNG SHAN. 

This is the Summit marker of Kai Kung Shan (374 meters above sea level).
Be sure to enjoy this last few minutes of your hiking adventure and take a couple of picture of the city. 

Instinctively, this rock gave me an idea that the downhill section is just after passing it. So be sure to pass the stone and be careful on your steps while tackling the steep downhill terrain.

This antenna area is under construction but I'm sure that this will be of great help for the future hiker(s) because it would give them the idea that the trail is almost over. 

The Exit Point is very easy to locate because of the stairs.
(Just simply follow the stairs all the way down)

You will pass the shady trees, electric post and finally, you need to get down towards the massive drop ending. Be sure to walk down the right side of this photo and you will see the waiting area for Green mini-bus that would take you back to YUEN LONG MTR Station.

Yuen Long Green mini bus will pass this waiting area and eventually return after a few second and that's when you need to get on board because it will go Yuen Long MTR Station. Make sure that you get your eyes peeled on the road because you need to get off from the mini bus when you see the blue foot-bridge. Go up the stairs and turn left and you will be in the Mall called "SUN YUEN LONG CENTRE". 
(The MTR Station is located within the mall). 

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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  1. Thanks for the very helpful tips Joel. I'll definitely use your guide. My only worry is how to get past the harrassing dogs :)