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Lover's Rock (Bowen Road) - is a road from the Mid-levels to Wong Nai Chung Gap of Hong Kong Island, on the slope above Central, Wan Chai and Happy Valley in Hong Kong. Lover's Rock Starts at Bowen Road from Magazine Gap Road near the rail of the Peak Tram and Ends at the junction of Stubbs Road. 

Today the road is a popular route for joggers and dog walkers.

The road was named after George Ferguson Bowen, the 9th Governor of Hong Kong, from 1883 to 1885. It was colloquially called "Third Road" by residents in Hong Kong for being the third east-west road from the shore at that time. "First Road" and "Second Road" were Queen's Road and Kennedy Road respectively.

(Start at Stubbs Road - End at Wan Chai Gap Road)
-Take this Buses: 6, 66, 15, 47A, 63 & 76
-Take the Mini Bus: 5 (Behind Sogo)

Difficulty: 1/5
Duration: 25 minutes to the summit
Terrain: 100% Concrete


At Stubbs Road

This is what the terrain looks like...all concrete and covered with green trees.

One of the fascinating scenery on the trail of Bowen Road 

Climb the stairs to locate the Lover's Rock at the summit!

Here it is, the much anticipated Lover's Rock...take a moment to look around and take some photos of Happy Valley, Victoria Harbour, and some parts of Central Hong Kong.

A place for offerings and prayers for the believers  

This pavilion serves as a relaxing station for the runners and walkers.
There's clean and convenient lavatory next to it.

Time to finish the trail? Well, this is where you can choose whether if you wish to end you expedition. Head towards the right side will lead you to Wan Chai Gap Road or straight ahead to Magazine Gap and from below you find your ride home by MTR, Tram, Bus, Mini Bus or Taxi.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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