Thursday, October 4, 2012


The scenery around Ng Tung Chai Waterfall  is worth a hiking for. It is near the village of Ng Tung Chai, which is a few kilometers North of Tai Mo Shan and just South of Lam Kam Road. Reach the series of streams and waterfalls by the path leading towards Ng Tung Chai and Lam Kam Road from the radio station on the summit of Tai Mo Shan. You can reach Ng Tung Chai easily by taking Bus 64K at Tai Wo Plaza MTR Station which runs between Yuen Long MTR West Station and Tai Po Market MTR East Station.

-Take The MTR to TAI WO STATION (PLAZA) and leave by EXIT A
-Take BUS 64K Bound for Yuen Long.

Difficulty: 3/5
Duration: 3.5 Hours (Experienced Hiker)
Terrain: 10% Concrete & 90% Natural Trail
Type: LOOP Trail

Make your way to Tai Wo MTR Station and leave by Exit A. From This Photo, you must turn left to locate the Bus 64K station below. (You might wanna take the escalator to get to the bus station down below). 

Your stop! Along Lam Kam Road. Be sure to watch the window and don't miss out to find the huge tree and the big yellow signboard below it.

You need to proceed straight uphill and get to the Monastery to see the breathe taking waterfalls. 

This is usually closed on the weekdays and open on the Weekends, Sundays & Public Holidays. They sell beverages and some noodles if you wish to have something before or after your hiking adventure. 

Initial Drop, a taste of what's to come up ahead; plus the ever friendly Map Board. (Be sure to check your bearings)

Another friendly Map board. Everyone take the challenge by going through the left-side of this trail because from here, you will be going through the process of going to the "Bottom Falls"," Middle Falls", "Main Falls" and "Scatter Falls". Some hiker's wish to take the right side from here because they prefer to hike more then see the waterfalls later.
(My best suggestion is to go to the left side, see the main attraction & finish the hike peacefully on a downhill mode).

Your first attraction on the trail, you need to get down here a little bit to enjoy its beauty.

The biggest among the 4 waterfalls in this area but you can't swim or dive because it's too shallow.

Certainly the tallest among the waterfalls here but not the widest nor the biggest, but somehow, you can take a dip or swim
(if you must!).

The last waterfall at the top. This is not very tall but it is strong and powerful among the 4 waterfalls.

There are many of this type of this caving around the area and it does gave me a little bit of that eerie feeling as I hike here alone. So my tip is to hike this area with some friends and will be more fun on the Weekends & Public Holidays. 

After having a fantastic and satisfying hike at the waterfalls, now comes the happy ending of the trail. When you are facing the Map Board, you must finish the Trail by going on the left-side stairs of this Photo
(where the bin is  located)...all smooth sailing on this downhill trail. 

This is actually where you start to choose the route that you need to venture. Now this became the end point and you need to turn left in here to get back to the Monastery and head back out to Lam Kam Rd.

As for your ending and way back in to the need to get back to the huge tree and yellow signboard. You will need to cross the opposite road carefully and hop in to bus 64K again to return to Tai Wo Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts FILMS. I'm a Filipino leaving in Lamma Island for the past 22 years. I'm just a novice hiker and I plan to hike the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls Path with friends. Is it safe to bring along my 11-year daughter?

    Also, how does and what does it take for one to join FILMS?

    Cheers and keep posting!

    Rudy L Ricarte

  2. Rudy Ricarte:
    1st of Thanks for stoppingby at my blog! I really appreciate the visit...

    The Waterfalls at Ng Tung Chai is very refreshing and entertaining when u reached the "Bottom, Middle & Main Falls" but it is a bit challenging for 11 yrs old to reach the "Scatterfalls" if the kid has no experience on low climbing trail. My kids were 6 & 8 yrs of age when they did all that...but at their early age, they're doing extreme hikes already.

    I'm sure that both of you can manage...just follow your instinct when u sence danger...specially at "Scatterfalls" section.

    Thanks again Rudy ^-^