Wednesday, October 3, 2012


POTTINGER PEAK COUNTRY TRAIL - Starts at Pottinger Gap (Ma Tong Au), about 1.5km walk from Chai Wan MTR Station. The trail is very popular to the local so you may less likely to see more wildlife, but the view of Big Wave Bay, Shek O, Sui Sai and Junk Bay are remarkably exceptional.

Difficulty: 2/5
Distance: 2.5km
Terrain: 30% Mud & 70% Conrete

- Take the MTR to Chai Wan and leave by Exit A
- Pass the residential area and locate Cape Collinson Road
- Walk straight up at Cape Collinson Road and pass the permanent cemetery entrances (2 to be exact)
- When you reached the level ground on top, you will see a map board and that is your starting point.


This is where you start your adventure at Pottinger Peak. Simply climb the steps all the way up until you reach the viewing compass marker.

One of the many notice board that you may encounter all over the Trail 
(Keep an eye on the trail information boards!).

On this marker, you'll  be in the middle of a cross-road. To the Left: is the View Compass Area , To the Right: is where you can Summit the Pottinger Peak and in Front: is where you can go to Big Wave Bay. 

If you turn Left, you will this roofed resting area. 

Still at the Viewing Compass, you will get a glimpse of the Harbour and Big Wave Bay, Shek O 

Turn Right (from the viewing compass marker) the Trail will lead you towards the Summit of Pottinger Peak.

This is probably the easiest trail but the most enjoyable one. This will be your way up to the summit and you may need to use this trail as well to get back on the viewing compass marker and continue your adventure at Big Wave Bay.

There is no other feeling but fulfillment when you reach the summit even though it's very easy.

Back down again and you will be cruising on an auto pilot feet and legs, because the trail continues on concrete by either flat or downhill terrain. So go ahead and enjoy the day!

Proceed to the right when you reach this railings. Next to the railing is a signboard saying "Big Wave Bay"....just simply follow that.

Another pit stop (If you want), I suggest you should so that you can enjoy the scenery around  you.

Finally, The Big Wave Bay!
This will be your final stop of your hike! Enjoy the beach! Be sure to bring you swim suit and I'm sure that YOU could take a great plunge after an enjoyable hike. There are plenty of restaurants to eat and drink from, a clean lavatories, clean changing areas, camping areas and you can rent a surf boards or body boards in the area. Return to the city by taking bus 9 at Shek O Bus Terminal or by taking the green mini bus to Shau Kei Wan MTR Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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