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HIGH JUNK PEAK (Clearwater Bay Country Park) is the main attraction of this hiking trail and it's an easy but long trail to venture but alternatively you can have a chance to end it on a certain sections of the trail. The trail is really best to tackle on a whole year round but it's fantastic on a cool & bright day because the scenery is totally breath taking. A long stretch of trail can be done by an intermediate hiker to advance (along High Junk Peak) but most of the trail should be fairly good for novice. 

There are many ways to get to the starting point (NG FAI TIN) and I will suggest two of the best one's:

1.) Take the MTR to Diamond Hill Station then leave by taking Exit A and locate the bus station 91 above the MTR Station.

2.) Take the MTR to Tseung Kwan O and leave by taking Exit A1 and find the Mini-Bus Station 103 on the left side (The Main Bus Terminal is on the left side of Exit A1).

Difficulty: 3/5
Duration: 4 Hours
Terrain: 80% Natural Trail & 20% Trail modification (e.g...Stairs)
Resources: None (No toilet)

  • 2L - 3L of Water.
  • 1 Power Bars & 1 Fruit is just about right.
  • Descent Hiking Shoes
  • 1 Extra Shirt
  • Ultra Light Weight & Dry Fit Material Clothing
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Sun Visor / Sun Glasses

This is the starting point and it's your bus stop after taking a ride from mini-bus 103 at Tsuen Kwan O Station or KMB 91 at Diamond Hill Station.

A little bit of concrete steps just to get you warmed-up. This is only gonna take about  2 minute uphill on a concrete stairs.

The left side of the fork is the best route to take.

After a few minutes of that fairly good uphill, then this luscious greenery!The mountain up ahead is what's gonna be your first mountain to endure (Fairly easy though!). 

This friendly sign post can be found everywhere in this hiking trail. On the right is the "Mountain Bike Trail" and on the left is the "Country Trail".

Entry Point to first mountain of this trail. You should somehow bump into a fork once again before you get to this Entry Point, just make sure you take the left-side of the fork. 

This will be the first summit that you will encounter after reaching the top part of the first mountain.

The main attraction of the Clearwater Bay Country Park which stand 344 meters above sea level. 

The main hill is strikingly steep sided at the height of 344 meters which dominate a ridge that runs down to the south to the tip of the peninsula.

Long ago deforested landscape is dominated by grassland and shrub-land. But there are few young sub-tropical forest, specially on the eastern slopes of the High Junk Peak- making a fine contrast to the cliffs just below the summit.

Up ahead is the "Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club" and just below this rocky downhill is your access to leave the High Junk Peak.

More rocks on this steep downhill section of High Junk Peak (Tip: Be slow and sure with your steps on this section because higher percentage of accident happens on downhill)

Back to shrubs again after that thrilling downhill.

It should only take a few minutes and you'll be out in the open again and this signboard is what your going to see. Here you can decide whether if your going to end your hiking adventure. If YES! then you follow the sign and it would take 20 minutes to get to the KMB bus station 91 that would take you back to Diamond Hill Station.

If "NOT!",  then look on this board map and see how long it would take to finish the rest of the trail. Follow the trail heading towards TAI MIU.

A very relaxing sight to see and it would take atleast 10-15 mins hike from the board map. 

The 3rd Summit
A very strange mini Summit Marker along the route. But it's fun to encounter something like this, so I took the opportunity and photograph the summit with the High Junk Peak on the background.

Another Fork but simply follow the left side and you'll continue to hike on the "Country Trail".

Another decision making point. Here you can end your hiking adventure again  by taking the TAI AU MUN Road and it will take 5 minutes towards the Bus Station. But if not and you can go ahead and finish the whole Country Park Trail. It should take at least 30mins to TIN HA SHAN summit marker.

The final summit of the Clearwater Bay Country Park Trail. I photograph this summit also with High Junk Peak on the background. I suggest that you wait here until SUNSET because the view is remarkable.

A few minutes towards the end of the trail, I took a chance to take a souvenir of
TUNG LUNG ISLAND (which is my favorite camping location)

Way point towards the end of this adventure and up ahead is the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club.

The Country Trail ends here and you can find a lavatory (about 10mins away though) to change your wet shirt and maybe freshen up a little bit before jumping into the freezingly cold temperature mini-buses that would take you back to HANG HAU MTR Station.

The Main Gate of Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club.
(Exclusive For Members Only)

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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