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Mount Davis (269 meters above sea level) is a hill in the westernmost of Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It is named after John Francis Davis, who was the second Governor of Hong Kong, from 1844 to 1848.

- Take the HK island Bus 5 to Felix Villa (Starting Point). 
- Take the bus 5X to Kennedy Town and walk about 15 minutes uphill to the starting point.

- Difficulty: 1/5
- Duration: 1.5 Hours
- Terrain: 95% Concrete & 5% Natural Trail


The starting point of the trail is located exactly at the bus stop of
Bus 5  (Felix Villa) at the left side of the fork.

The trail is uphill and 95% concrete and 5% natural terrain.

Another fork? Well, Simply take the left side...

An age old abandon house like this one is what your going to witness in Mount Davis Path. It's used to be a military station during the WWII.

Walk a little more uphill and you will see this stairs and it will save your time from the winding road of Mount Davis Path. Take this route and you will get to the Jockey Club Youth Hostel in no time.

A refreshing uphill sheltered by trees.

The Jockey Club Youth Hostel 

Modern Structure next to a War Relics
(You can see this at the left side of the Jockey Club Youth Hostel)

This is made for the weekend goers and war-game players. If you wish to be away from the bustling city and spend some time with friend or family...this is a place to be!

A resting place for the Hikers, Walkers and the War-game players
(Beware of this place if some people are playing war-games)

(This also serves as a battle field for the weekend war-game players, hikers and walkers) 

This is an old soldier barracks during the WWII now it's a national treasure but turns out to be a best location for weekend war-game players. 

(Stands 269 meters above sea level)
From here you can see the HIGH WEST and VICTORIA PEAK on a clear day.

When your done browsing about at the summit of Mount Davis, simply walk back down to where you  climb up and locate this emergency calling booth next to an old school.

Just a bit down the curve you will see this banana trees.

On your downhill, you will be pampered by the shades of this trees until the trail ends. 

This is the end point of the trail and just down below is Victoria Road. Turn to the left and you can take Bus 5 again to get yourself back into the city or walk to the right and and locate the Kennedy Town Bus Terminal
(Around 5 mins walk).

This is the look of the end zone on the opposite side of the road.
This can be your starting point as well if you wish.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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