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CASTLE PEAK (Pui To Shan) is a 583 meters above sea level high in western New Territories of Hong Kong. In contrast to its Chinese name, which means green hill, Castle Peak is notorious for its severe loss of vegetation and weathering of its Granite surface. The area to the west of the hill was also named Castle Peak. It is an industrial area with several power plants owned by CLP (Castle Peak Power Station & Black Point Power Station). It is also the old name of Tuen Mun during the early British rule before starting the development of Tuen Mun New Town. In the early proposal of the development, the new town was called Castle Peak New Town. Most of the area of the hill is under firing range used by military and police forces in Hong Kong. Warnings are issued to the public before exercises was carried out and therefore among the few hills in Hong Kong which are not part of a Country Park.

- Take KMB BUS 961 (The most direct transportation to get the starting point at HO TIN TSUEN. The bus can be taken at Admiralty Station and get off from the bus when it reaches its Terminal in Tuen Mun.

Difficulty: 4/5
Distance: 8 km
Duration: 4 Hours
Terrain: 90% Natural Heath & 10% Trail Modification

-10L-30L Pack
-3L of  H2O
-Ultra Light Weight Clothing Materials
-Hiking Pole (Optional)
-Power Bars/Food/Snack


This is the starting point near the Bus Station 961 (Ho Tin Tsuen).

Take the right side here and immediately you will be walking on a slightly steep road.

Proceed ahead and you will soon find the Chinese Cemetery, just simply walk up the stairs and when you reach the last tomb...turn right, then immediately hike uphill starts there!

This is officially the beginning of your adventure and from here you will start to do a lot of uphill hiking.

Prepare yourself to walk through the sharp grasses and bushes. It may seem difficult but the walking trail is available though it's a bit covered by grasses.

Here you will no longer walk through any grasses and bushes because a barren landscape will immerse immediately.  

This is one of the three (1/3) Trigonometric Post (Summit Marker) close to the Castle Peak Summit. 

This is the summit of Castle Peak and it's populated with antennae.


This is the section where you can end your adventure...just follow the  predictable pathway on the trail.

Exciting yet dangerous will be a very serious injury if you miscalculate path around it.  Be careful around here!

After a few seconds, you will be under the trees like this one and  you must try to follow some friendly signs (Red, Yellow, White...etc. ribbon) hanging on trees.

Underneath the Electric Tower is a passage to your exit point.

To return to the city... Take Bus 52 Heading Tuen Mun MTR Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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