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Lotus Stream is a 10 km. stream and it would take around 5-6 hours to complete. If your going to do this adventure, you need to make sure that your prepared to get dirty and wet.

  • Make your way towards Tsing Yi MTR Station
  • A wide selection of transportation is available from Tsing Yi MTR Station. Take KMB Bus 251M, 263M, 264M, 265M.
  • Alight after 20 mins. ride at Tai Lam Tunnel Bus Station (after crossing the tunnel).
  • At the End Point of the Lotus Stream Trail in Sham Tseng, just get to the Bus stop in front of Rhine Garden and there will be 234A, 52X,63 that will lead you back to Tsuen Wan MTR Station but there are plenty of green mini buses available to take you on your desired destination.
  •  All Terrain Adventure (Be sure to carry a Dry-Bag to keep your important gear/s not to get wet)
  • 25L - 30L Pack
  • 2L Water
  • 1L Energy Drink
  • Wet Gear (If you wish to dip in natural pool)
  • Dry-Bag (To protect your alternative clothes, phone...etc.)
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Convertible Hiking Pants (1 Extra after getting wet)
  • Light weight shirts (1 Extra after getting wet)
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Arm Protector (protection from sharp grasses, vines and tree branches)
  • Food/Fruit/Snack
  • Navigation Gear (Map, Compass & 2 Way Radio Communication)
  • Cellular/Mobile Phone (There's a good signal coverage inside the trail)

Tsing Yi MTR Station
Leave by taking exit G1 

Quickly after getting off from the escalator, you need to cross this road
and get to the other side to board in to KMB 264M.

KMB Station 264M

After an approximate 20 mins ride from KMB 264M, you need to alight after passing the Tai Lam Tunnel. Make your way down to the staircase, pass under the fly-over and get to this location.

The Mountaineers!

A few seconds of concrete pavement and you will enter the muddy part of the trail. 

A perfect scenery...Mountaineers and vivid Vegetation of the trail.
This is bout 30-40 mins of cruising thru the  muddy trail.

Back to concrete pavement once again.

Make your way to the left and you will begin your journey through stones and water. 

Starting Area of Lotus Stream.
Get thru the trees and you will instantly see the stream and hike all the way up stream.

The White Lotus Pool
(Take a dip if you must!)

Red Lotus Cliff

Rainbow Fall
15 meters in height and it is rather easy and safe to pass around and get to the top of the waterfall.

Lotus Terrace Fall
Quite deep so you can really jump into it... just be sure to calculate your drop zone.

Hidden Valley Of Fairy Lotus
A fascinating but rather shallow waterfall area. There a muddy path along the side of this waterfall and you will need to hike uphill to see the last waterfall on top.

Curl Dragon Fall
The last waterfall on this trail and your adventure is almost over, you need to negotiate thru the slippery passage and hike uphill on either Red and Blue Trail Mark. We choose to hike and finish our adventure on the RED markings. When you meet the concrete trail on sure to turn to the right and head towards Sham Tseng. 

The Successful Finishers!

Kill Nothing But Time, Take Nothing But Pictures & Leave Nothing But Footprints!

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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