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PAT SIN LENG RIDGE - is a mountain range in the northeast New Territories of Hong Kong. Located within the Pat Sin Leng Country Park. The name Pat Sin Leng literally means "Ridge of the Eight Immortals", who are famous xian ("Immortals; Transcendent; Fairies") in Chinese Mythology, and symbolizes the eight peaks along the Pat Sin Leng mountain range, each are named after the eight immortals. 

Mountain Peaks:
  • Shun Yeung Fung (591m), a.k.a : Lu Dongbin
  • Chung Li Fung (543m), a.k.a : Zhongli Quan
  • Kuai Li Fung (530m), a.k.a : Iron-Crutch Li
  • Kao Lao Fung (530m), a.k.a : Elder Zhang Guo
  • Hsien Ku Fung (514m), a.k.a : Immortal Woman He
  • Sheung Tsz Fung (510m), a.k.a : Han Xiang
  • Tsao Kau Fung (510m), a.k.a : Royal Uncle Cao
  • Choi Wo Fung (510m), a.k.a : Lan Caihe

  • Take the KCR Trail to Fanling Station and leave by Exit A.
  • Take the Mini Bus 52 heading towards Hok Tau Wai Village near Hok Tau Reservoir.
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Distance: 10.6 Km
  • Duration: 4.5 Hours
  • Terrain: 70% Natural Trail, 10% Tarmac & 20% Modified Trail

  • 10L - 25L Packs
  • 2L - 3L Water
  • Light weight clothing material (Convertible Type)
  • 1 Extra Shirt
  • Hiking Pole (Optional)
  • Sturdy Hiking Shoes/Boots
  • Food/Snack/Power Bars (Optional)

Originally, the starting area of Pat Sin Leng Ridges (Wilson Trail Stage 9) is at the top of the Cloudy Hill Section 8 of the Wilson Trail, but this is an alternative route in case u wish you to venture this on a separate occasion. This located close to the Hok Tau Wai Village. 

Immediately after passing the Entry Gate, you will see the
Hok Tau Campsite adjacent to the right side of the road.

This is the Hok Tau Reservoir Bridge that will take you to the Pat Sin Leng Ridges. be sure to locate the "Wilson Trail" post allocated along side of the road after passing this bridge.

Enter the Country Park Gateway and it will lead you toward the exact trail of Pat Si Leng Ridge.

The first of many mountain range that you will encounter and overcome along the Ridges.

An accelerating first mountain range to endure, but after reaching that vividly color tree (a shady area where you can have a little bit of rest) all the rest will be side winding along the mountain. Unless your feeling kind of pumped up & hike the 2 humps.

Minutes after passing the two mountain range, a more open trail will soon immerse 
and if a hiker is lucky enough to hike on a clear day, the city below and all the mountain ranges is a treat. 

Trigonometric Post of Ping Fung Shan  

After reaching the summit of Ping Fung Shan, the adventure will soon gets better and better because you are now going to meet the Pat Sin Leng Ridge (The 8 Immortals).

Here's the first among the eight immortal board marker that you will meet on top of Pat Sin Leng Ridge...

...after having a great deal of hiking along the Ridge, now comes- the final Immortal board marker.
(As you can see the path on the right side will lead you downhill)

Final look at the Pat Sin Leng Ridges before heading downhill on he right. This might be easy because going down the hill has plenty of stairs but a natural trail is still available if one is not a fan of stairs. When the "T" road section is reached, there are choices if one must continue to finish Wilson Trail 9 (Left-side) and end the adventure at Bride's Pool Road (Take 75R to get back into the city), the other route (Right-side) will lead a hiker to TAI MEI TOK. Hiker/s will end at the Country Park Office. Walk toward Tai Mei Tuk Village and a buses are available to return to the city (75K or a Green Mini Bus heading towards Tai Po Market).

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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