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NEI LAK SHAN - is rank as the 8th highest mountain in Hong Kong with the hieght of 751masl (2,464ft)
on Lantau Island, it is situated immediately north of Ngong Ping where the Buddhist Po Lin Monastery is located. Nei Lak, or correction Mei Lak is a Cantonese language with means Maitreya: The Future Buddha, in Buddhism.

Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station and board into NLB 23 heading towards Lantau Buddha, Po Lin Monastery & Ngong Ping. If your coming from Mui Wo (Silvermine Ferry Station) take NLB 2.

The whole section of the Nei Lak Shan from its starting point [(A) or (B)] is 95% natural. One is advised to wear leg protection to avoid leg cuts or scratches from a small tree branch or thorny shrubland.

Difficulty: 3/5
Duration: Approx. 2 Hours
Terrain: 95% Natural & 5% Trail Modification
Type: LOOP

  • 500 ml - 1 L of Water (Depending on the weather situation)
  • Light-Weight & Vivid Color Clothing
  • Sturdy Hiking Shoes (as it gets to slippery when the trail is wet)
  • Hiking Pole (optional)
  • Thin and light weight wind breaker jacket (as it get to foggy and windy always)
  • 1 Power Bar (for a snack)
  • Camera (just to document your own expedition here)
  • Compact First Aid Kit (hope you won't need 'em, but.... just in case).
  • Sun Protection (sun glasses, sun screen...etc. as the trail gets to expose during summer).

That foggy mountain up ahead is your mission...Good Luck!

A Fork
Take the route to the right and locate the weekend Garden Tea House
(They serve vegetarian dishes as well)

Turn Left and in just minutes, you will see the Garden Tea House.

Pass the Garden Tea House and you'll get to this fork, choose the left side from here. If you wanna take a little bit more adventure, take the right side and you will see the Wisdom Path & Phoenix statue. Then from there you can take the route on the left side of the board map/info. 

Whichever path you will eventually lead you towards this area.
The Nei Lak Shan main entry point.

After a few minutes of hike, you will see this fork again! As you can see, there's a tiny Trail Board Map on the right side (this will serve as your Entry & Exit Point) go on have a look and probably take a photo of the map for future references.

Eventually, whichever you choose here will serve as Entry/Exit area. In this case I took the route (B) and locate the Nei Lak Shan Viewing Compass.

Here is the Viewing Compass at Nei Lak Shan and it will serve as your
starting area to go uphill and summit Nei Lak Shan.
(The location where I'm standing while I took this photo is the exact area to begin your ascend).  

As I mentioned earlier, the trail is 95% natural...I meant this!
Be cautious during wet season as it gets to slippery up here.

(working on my way up at the summit...)

This is the Summit Marker of Nei Lak Shan.

Please pay serious attention on this warning sign which is erected along the trail because there's an electricity buried underneath the ground and it is said to be very high in beware!

The red arrow is pointing at your safe-way and the location where you can end your adventure.

Take the route to the left and it will lead you back the Tiny Trail Map.

Here it is "Tiny Trail Map"...simply follow the arrow to the right and you will end at the Nei Lak Shan Main Entry Point. There are two options to finish your adventure here (if your up for another hour of extended adventure), the first is to return to Po Lin Monastery and board the NLB 23 to Tung Chung Station or head downhill on the left side & enter the (Blue color) gateway to Lo Hon Monastery (Ngong Ping Trail) and if you reached the residential area at Shek Mun Kap, then take the mini bus 35 to return to Tung Chung Station.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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