Friday, February 22, 2013


MOUNT CAMERON - is a fairly easy trail for those who wish to experience outdoor hiking activity. The best part of this trail is when you reach the summit because you will have a 360 degrees of beautiful scenery such as the Aberdeen Reservoir, The Peak, The Victoria Habour, Kowloon, Happy Valley, Jardine's Lookout and many more.

- Difficulty: 3/5
-Terrain: Natural 80% & 20% Tarmac
-Duration: 2.5hrs
-Distance: 3.5km - 4.5 (Depending on your end zone)

-Take Bus 15 heading towards the Peak and get off at Wan Chai Gap Road. (Police Museum)
-Walk uphill using the path "MIDDLE GAP ROAD".
-When U reach the "End Zone" you will encounter a signage that will lead you back to Wan Chai Gap Road (Left turn while facing the signage) and from there you can take Bus 15 again to return to the city. The other direction (To the Right) will lead you all the way down to Black's Link and when U reach the end of it, just turn a little to the left and U will see the Bus station the will get U back into the city (There's plenty of choices!)

-8L - 18L Pack
-1 Liter of Water
-Fruit/Power Bar/Power Gel (Anything will do just fine)
-Wear Long Sleeves or Arm protector (To prevent scratches)
-Pair of Eye Wear (Preventive measure from getting poke in the eye from trees branches)
-Hiking Pole (nope! you can actually hold on to the trees as you climb)
-Light Weight Material Clothing Gears
-Personal First Aid Kit.



Peel your eyes and be vigilant to the over hanging ribbon because  this will lead you towards the summit of Mt. Cameron.

When you reach the open section of the will have a warm greeting from the summit as if it's inviting  you! This section have some beehive around so be careful not to get stung!

Mount Cameron Summit

The Beautiful Mount Nicholson, on the right side of this photo is where I descend and this is the quickest way to meet Mount Cameron but the other descend to the right side will lead you down to Hong Kong Trail Section 4 and it's a bit longer to finish than the left descend.

Here is the trail leading down from mount Cameron and along the trail U will always have Mount Nicholson  ahead of you. You will have to negotiate thru the rusty old pipes that used to supply the neighboring community.

A perfect place to chill and take a few memorabilia (Photos) of you and the mountain rage ahead, specially the  section where U can see "HAPPY VALLEY" and "The Victoria Harbour"

You will have to take this couple of steps and pass around the gateway.


Here is the section where you can end your journey. Whichever you choose will lead you back easily to the city and you will be walking thru the tarmac once again.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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