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This trail is known for its extreme terrain and a very experience hiker or trekker must take the challenge. This is not advisable to novice or beginning hikers. Negotiating through the rocks specially at the "RIVER ROCK"  is dangerous because the rocks are moving and it could cause serious damage to other hikers below, so be sure to spread out when taking the River Rock section. 

Overall, this trail is physically demanding but very enjoyable! Good Luck!

 There are many range of transportation to SHEK PIK Reservoir, some of which is Lantau Bus 11 or 23 from  Tung Chung MTR Station, Lantau Bus 2 from Mui Wo Ferry Terminal and more...just check the bus route board at Mui Wo Ferry Terminal (Silvermine Bay Ferry Terminal). 

Going back to the city depends on where you wish to finish this trail. The Loop type takes you back to Shek Pik Reservoir (Via Middle Dog Teeth Trail to Shek Pik Country Trail). Point A to Point B type is to finish at The Lantau Peak (Buddha), the other is through PAK KUNG AU, another one is through EAST DOG TEETH TRAIL, MIDDLE DOG TEETH TRAIL and finally via "WEST DOG TEETH TRAIL" then Shek Pik Country Trail towards Shek Peak Reservoir (another loop type).

- Difficulty: 4/5 (1: Very Easy - 5: Very Difficult)
- Terrain: All Natural
- Duration: 4 to 5 hours (for expert hikers)

- 2L to 3L of water (depending on your ability to control liquid intake, be sure to stay hydrated on summer).
- Food / Power Bars / Fruit / Snack (whichever you wish to take during break)
- Power Drink
- Hiking Pole (Optional)
- Layered Clothing (be sure to wear convertible  pants).
- Good & Spiky Hiking shoes
- Mosquito repellent (only during wet season)
- First aid kit (solo kit)


This entry gate is located near the Shek Pik Reservoir and this service to many hiking trail locations.

This tarmac pathway will serves as your warm-up while locating the main entrance of Tiger Roar Trail.  Just walk along the water catchment and the BBQ section until you reach the Entry Point.

Pass through the metal railing and the adventure begins.

You will need to follow the "Gutter" all the way to the end until you reach the first Dry Stream climb.

This will be your first obstacle to endure on this trail and  you need to negotiate through  the clearly marked climbing section 'til you reach the top.

After reaching the top section of the climb, all you need to do now is to follow the dry rocky stream uphill. Some of the section are marked with white ribbon or red ribbon or sometimes white plastic bag wrapped around the tree sure to peel your eyes to easily spot them all. If you don't see any hanging ribbon or plastic bag around...just follow your instinct and head uphill thru the dry stream.

This part of the trail has no over hanging ribbons, just work your way up dry stream.

The 1st Wall Corridor and it is clearly marked (in red triangle) now for you to venture easily. Take a bit of rest here and refresh yourself or maybe eat your favorite fruit  (^_^) 

Clearly marked sections where you can climb uphill and the best  choice is the RED section  even though  BLUE & YELLOW are relatively easy section...but you are more likely to drop a stone on the climber behind you because the rocks are very loose.

The 2nd Corridor
Again, because of the obvious need to work your way uphill and follow the dry stream.

This part of the trail of the trail is wet (specially the red section) so you need to be careful not to slip or you will experience hard and painful fall. Try negotiating through  the yellow path if it works best for you!

Finally, you reach the base of the "Rock River" and this is the OPEN ZONE after battling your way out through the "Dry Stream" Jungle
Look back and see the place where you've been thru... It's breath taking isn't it?!
you will definitely get a great view during clear sky.  

Here is the main reason why you need to take the challenge of TIGER ROAR TRAIL!
River Rock has its name from all the rocks seemingly flowing in this section instead of water.
Again, you need to be very careful in this section because the rocks are very loose...spread out when  taking the challenge directly thru the rocks and make sure no one's behind you...(you don't wanna be liable for the other hikers injury!) 

This Photo was taken at the Summit of River Rock while looking down at the other Hikers as they try to reach the top.

Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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