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Pui O Campsite is one of the most accessible and convenient camping location in Lantau Island, Hong Kong. There are number shop around to get your forgotten essentials during camping. There are plenty of barbecue area in case you need to do so. A Restaurant, Kiosk that sell food and beverages and even tents, sleeping matt and even floating devices if you don't know how to swim. Toilets and Shower Facilities are also provided by the government  for the swimmers and campers. The Campsite has a registration office which open around 8am - 12mn. Don't worry because there's no registration fee on this site; so there's really nothing to worry about when you camp here!

Nature and Mankind truly made a great collaboration in making this campsite a perfect location to do a short or long camping trip. It has the best beach that provides shell fish that you can harvest by hand, cooked and eat. The beach line is also clean as it being maintained by the LCSD of Hong Kong, even Lifeguards are provided by the government for the beach goers and they work from 9am-5pm. 

  • Via First Ferry: Take either fast or slow ferry at Central Ferry Pier Station Terminal 5 to Mui Wo (Silvermine Bay Ferry Terminal) and take the Lantau Bus No. 1 or No.3 and alight at Pui O Town.
  • Via Tung Chung MTR: Simply get to Tung  Chung MTR Station and take Lantau Bus No.11 to Pui O town.
Depending on how long your gonna be and what type of events your planning, here are some of the possible things you could do when your here...

The ever welcoming Pui O Campsite Gateway

There are plenty of railed Campsite for your own privacy (around 50+) and there are plenty of open campsite areas also in case that all the cubicles are full. The open type are close to barbecue pits which is not available for all the cubicle campsite. 

Here's what the beach looks like and in case you need to hike that Mountain
(Lo Yan Shan), here a clear view of that too.

If you don't feel like hiking a regular mountain, well here's another option...the mountain range up head is Sunset Peak and it is the 3rd Highest Mountain Peak in Hong Kong. 

Just in case you feel like hiking the Summit of Lon Yan Shan, well this is the starting point of it. To get here is by simply tracing Lantau Trail Section 12. Chi Ma Wan  County Trail is the longest trail in Hong Kong. Now, if Lo Yan Shan is the only thing in your itinerary then the main entrance is quick to find because it is gonna just after you cross this gateway...just a couple of step away. Chi Ma Wan Country Trail is very famous to all Hong Kong Mountain Bikers Group.

This is what the summit of Lo Yan Shan looks like.

Another view of Lo Yan Shan Summit and this time I'm featuring Pui O Campsite and Sunset Peak.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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