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Among all the section of Lantau Trail this is my favorite because the ridge is dominating all its surroundings. Well ofcourse this is Lantau Peak Trail and it's the 2nd highest Mountain in Hong Kong. During dry season, the grass that's blanketing the mountain range looks yellow gold in color but the fresh green tress and cool breeze are combine to make the hike on the second highest summit a very enjoyable one.

  • (Best Choice) - Take the MTR train and head towards Tung Chung MTR Station and leave the station by using Exit B. Then, make your way to the Bus Station and board in to Bus No.23, No.11 or 3M; if you get lucky you can ask your bus driver to alight you at Pak Kung Au bus stop.
  • Another option is to start travelling from Mui Wo after taking the Ferry from Central Ferry Terminal. You need to take any bus bound for Tung Chung or the Airport and alight when you reach the highest point of the road of Pak Kung Au (near the blue lavatory and barbecue area).
  • Finally, a good and reliable Taxi could cost roughly HK$60 to the starting point of Pak Kung Au.
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (Strenuous Hiking)
  • Distance: 4.5 km
  • Duration: 2.5 Hrs
  • Terrain: 60% Natural, 20% Boulder Steps, 10%  Wooden Steps with mud and 10% Tarmac
  • Mobile Phone Coverage: Very Good
  • GPS Coverage: Great
  • Pack: 20L - 25L 
  • Liquid Supplement: 2.5L (Summer) / 1.5 (Winter)
  • Clothing: Shorts & Shirt (The whole trail is clean and clear)
  • Shoes: A good pair of rubber shoes with descent spikes will do the job but it is always good to wear proper hiking shoes.
  • Food: Snack/Fruit/Power Bars (any of this will do because there's some eating area when you reach Lantau Buddha.
  • Extras: Hiking Pole (optional, Sunscreen/Sun Block (summer), Sunglasses (so exposed during summer), Hat (optional) and Mosquito Repellent.

A very distinctive emergency calling post at the main starting point. Please keep in mind that the starting point is next to a lavatory, barbecue area and picnic area. 

Never fear because once again the ever friendly signage along the trail will surely guide you throughout the hike.

In just a few meters of your hike this lovely landscape with surely put you on hold and get your attention, just be sure to appreciate its beauty and take a few souvenir photos.

Priceless scenery of what your about to hike...
The highest mountain on the left side is the summit of Lantau Peak. This section is so enjoyable because the path is very clear ahead but there's no shelter from any trees so it's very hot hike during summer.

Looking back at this point is very fascinating because if you hike during cool and clear day, a spectacular glimpses of Sunset Peak (869masl) landscape is very majestic and rewarding.

Just a bit higher, simply try looking back again and the scenery is surprisingly magical with its trail path and Sunset Peak from a distance. 

This new version is the latest replacement from an older version that look so rotten due to the ever changing weather at the summit and in Hong Kong.

The Trigonometric Marker at the Summit of Lantau Peak

If you climb the summit and the rain starts pouring heavily, then this shelter will provide a temporary protection.

When your done at the summit, it's now time to head downhill and the painstaking boulder stairs is what your going to face. To have a set of hiking pole helps a hiker not to put so much pressure on the knees, so having one is highly recommended.

At this point, your route is Ngong Ping (Lantau Buddha) and would take half an hour for atleast 1 kilometer hike.

Some benches like this one is provided to take a minute of rest and enjoy the scenery.

Along the resting section, this brilliant view of Nei Lak ShanWisdom Path and Ngong Ping is truly remarkable. At some point, one can but smile wryly at the bold pronouncement of the Corporate Afforestation Scheme, which proclaims that "This woodland was established by Cathay Pacific Airways". But one must wonder what happen to the promised woodland.

A wooden archway represents the end of the hike at Lantau Trail Section 3 and the statue of the Phoenix welcomes the trail passerby, the wooden plank with inscriptions on the right-side is Wisdom Path which accept visitors for free just behave yourself within this sacred structures. 

To get here is to by following the route heading Po Lin Monastery. 

Once you reached Lantau Buddha, this colorful flags and Nei Lak Shan is just at the center of attraction that welcomes all the visitor from all over the world. On the right, you will see a stone archway that leads you to Po Lin Monastery. On the left is the famous bronze Buddha statue sitting on a Lotus Flower but you need to climb up the stairs to reach it. During my last visit here, I had to pay HK$20 to enter the Buddha premises but half of the ticket entitled me to get vegetarian food and beverage for free at Po Lin Monastery.

To return to the city is by simple catching Bus No. 23 to Tung Chung and an MTR is available to transport you back to Central, Hong Kong. Another option is by taking the bus that are bound for Mui Wo and you need to catch the Ferry from Silvermine Bay to Central, Hong Kong.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace

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