Tuesday, July 16, 2013


To get there:
  1. Take the Bus either #6 or 66 at Central Exchange Square and alight at Hong Kong Cricket Club (The bus will stop exactly at the gas station). Note: if you are using Octopus Card, u need to press it again for transport discount., as for bus 66 it doesn't offer that same deal.
  2. Take mini bus #5, the terminus is located just behind SOGO Department Store in Causeway Bay and the you can also alight at the gas station next to Hong Kong Cricket Club.
  3. Take 47A, the bus runs from North Point Bus terminus and you have to alight at HKCC also.
  • Dificulty: 2/5
  • Appreciation: 5/5
  • Duration: 2 Hr. Max.
  • Terrain: Mixed with Tarmac, Mud and Rockies
  • 4L-8L Pack
  • 500ml Water/Energy Drink
  • Snack Bar or Fruit
  • Convertible Pants / Long or Short Legging / Cycling Shorts (the choice is yours!)
  • Light and Drifit Shirts ( 1 extra incase you swim at the beach)
  • Hiking Sandals (will do great justice on this event).
There are plenty of places to get some food and beverages when you reach Repulse Bay Beach ground.


This will serve the the 1st attraction of your journey and you can easily get by simply climbing the stairs next to the gasoline station next to the Hong Kong Cricket Club. Just walk uphill along the side walk of he main road and I'm certain that you won't miss this landmark because it the a cafe and boating area available.

Walk down the staircase and immediately turn left and you will find this sign post. You are now standing at the water catchment and that serves as your trail also.

In just a few seconds, this beautiful landscape will appear on the right-hand side.
This is really breathtaking on a cool and clear blue sky.

Even this trail is easy, it offer so much attraction and your in to Photography also I'm sure this will be like haven.

Trekking thru the natural carpet of nature.

...and the trees will vow down on you!

The best panorama of SOUTH BAY

Some parts of the trail has railings to prevent yourself from a nasty fall specially if your walking with kids or your precious pet.

Rocky Road Ahead

Here's a bird's eye view of Repulse Bay Beach... Very inviting isn't it?

The Twin Peak is located at Wilson Trail Section 1 and those building below will serve as your end point.

Just before you end your hike, this massive landscape will bid you farewell and imposingly saying "See you soon!" because exactly at point where I'm standing and took this photo...there are plenty of hiking route around and I'm sure you will keep coming back here! 

As for the end point, you will have to be at the bridge linking "Twin Peaks" and "Violet Hill". You may notice that there are 3 huge waste bins and that clear and natural downhill path along side of it is your way down towards the buildings that I mentioned earlier. The first building that will welcome you is Hong Kong International School (HKIS) which is exactly below the green railed staircase.

Green Railing Staircase
(Short-Cut to Wilson Trail Section 1)


This is truly a great reward from a good short hike. This area has some restaurants (last time I went here I saw Pizza Hut and 7/11 Store), it depends on you if you wish to go up at Repulse Bay Promenade to get some decent meal.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!

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