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This is one of the easiest trail to tackle in all Lantau Trail with a twist, because when you enter the path along Nei Lak Shan, you are going to ask yourself whether if you wanna climb the summit of it or proceed to the the easy section of Lantau Trail Section 4. However you prefer it, there's a section where you can enter and summit Nei Lak Shan and there also a path which will lead you back on track and proceed with the remainder of the 4th Section. Again, the trail is clearly marked and it's somewhat a circular hike.

- Take all the possible bus that will take you to "Ngong Ping" Lantau Buddha. Taking Lantau Bus No.23 from Tung Chung Bus Terminus, Bus No.1 at Silvemine Bay Bus Terminus, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car ride and as your final option...Taxi (Blue color).

  • Difficulty: 1/5 (Easy, except if you try hiking Nei lak Shan).
  • Duration: 1.5 Hour
  • Distance: 4 Km
  • Route: Ngong Ping - Sham Wat Road
  • Terrain: 40% Boulder Path, 50% Tarmac and 10% Natural
  • Cellphone Coverage: Great
  • GPS Coverage: Very Good
  • Pack/s: Standard Waist/Belt Pack.
  • Liquid Supplement: 500ml
  • Clothing: Shorts & Shirt
  • Shoes: Standard rubber shoes works just fine except if you try to Hike Nei Lak Shan, you must wear a porper hiking shoes.
  • Food: 1 Power Bar (or nothing at all because there's a store around Ngong Ping)
  • Extras: Sunscreen (During summer because the trail is very exposed), Hiking Pole (Optional if your trying to hike Nei Lak Shan). Mosquito repellent, Mini personal first aid kit, Hat and Sunglasses (on Summer).

NEI LAK SHAN (754masl)
Considered as the 8th Highest Peak in Hong Kong
(Photo was taken ust at the bottom section of Lantau Buddha.) 

Trek along the route heading Wisdom Path will get you to the stating area of Lantau Trail Section 4.

Starting area of Section 4, this information board stands next to the Wooden Gateways and the Phoenix statue at the ending point of Lantau Trail Section 3. If you notice path with railings on the left-side of the above picture, it is actually the starting ground of your hike these well maintained hiking trail.

The Phoenix & Wooden Gateway

Another information board at the side of the trail, have a look around and check the Campsite on the right with the stone markings that say "Ngong Ping Campsite". The scenery here is great on clear day, your eyes will surely feast with Lo Hon Tower hiking area, White Jaw Trail and Nei Lak Shan peak trail.

Quickly after browsing around at Ngong Ping Campsite, just simple turn back out and proceed towards this section to continue your hike. 

"T-Junction" ...again this trail is clearly marked and all you need to do is to follow the vivid yellow color signage that says "Lantau Trail", the Distance Point and Duration Time are also stated.

This boulder path will provide comfort for the casual walkers but be cautious because the rocks might sometimes become slippery after the rain. This part of the trail provides a little shelter from the blistering heat of the sun during summer but don't worry the heat in Hong Kong usually reach 35-37 degrees ("Bearable"), but the Humidity is usually high.

After hiking through the boulder path and pass the Ngong Ping 360 village, you will now return to this staggering concrete path until you reach the end of this section.

The view here is 100% perfect if the weather permits, because you will get a chance to see the mountain range of South Lantau including Shek Pik Trail, Dog Teeth Trail, Lantau Peak, Shek Pik Reservoir, Lantau Trail Section 5 and the best part is the endless horizon. 

Nearly done...this huge Lantau Country Park signboard stands close to the starting point of Lantau Trail Section 5 which means your almost done with your easy hike.

End of the line, I hope that very easy and yet scenic hike rejuvenate all your senses and feeling very accomplished in life. Never stop exploring!

To get back to the city is to catch Bus No.23, No.11 or 3M to Tung Chung Bus Terminus and the MTR Station is just adjacent to it. The other way out is by taking any bus heading to Mui Wo Ferry Terminal (Silvermine Bay) and you will have to take the Ferry back to Central, Hong Kong.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy Your Country Park, Enjoy Hiking and Leave No Trace!


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