Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'm an Outdoor enthusiast and I really like doing Camper; with that said I also met a number of people who wish to do camping but they don't know how and where to start, so they end up not going for any outdoor activities and never attempt to do something new in their lives. This article will give you some ideas before you get started. 

If you're a new Camper and just getting started... I highly suggest that you should visit some of the camping ground preferably close to your home which is managed by the government agencies like Bureau of Land Management or Country Park Management Office. Be sure to choose the one that has perfect scenic spot that you, your family and friends would love and enjoy.

  • Choose a Tent spot that is relatively high ground because in this manner the rain will flow away from the tent in case if it rains and this will prevent your gear from getting wet as well. Avoid setting your tent along the slope though.
  • Pick a site that has shades during the hotter time of the day. So, choose the one that's near the trees.
  • Check if the campsite is near the water source because you will be needing plenty of water for cooking, washing, drinking and even showering.
  • Check if the campsite has grilling station, picnic tables and chairs.
  • Check if the campsite has enough space for you to use a cooking stove.
  • Be sure to check if you can build a campfire because nothing's more fun than roasting a Mallows with your children or stay warm during the cold season. (See if the fire won't spread out so pick an area where there's enough space and flat).
  • If your camping with your kids be sure to check if the campground has a nearby playground or play areas or a huge space to fly a kite or play some ball game like beach volleyball or beach football.
  • Check if the location is near the lake or beach for some fishing, boating, swimming or even snorkeling. 
Backpacking is FUN! So before you go and experience the outdoors, practice setting up your Tent on daylight and at night if possible in your yard to estimate the space you need on the campsite and to get familiar with your gear. Most of the camping ground are not made according to your liking even if you request from the attendant of the country park about your preferred location and with that said, you should clean your preferred spot from twigs, rocks or vines because these will cause damage to the base layer of the tent and might puncture your sleeping matte. 

Finally, experience is the best teacher and soon you'll realized more do's and don't as well as the proper gear to take along with you depending on how many days your going to be in the Campsite. Even thinking of bringing a purifying agent/tablet if you don't get clean water.

Have fun camping and enjoy the outdoors!

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy The Wilderness & Leave No Trace

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