Wednesday, September 4, 2013


These are my favorite Adventure site in Hong Kong. Pui O campsite offers a modern camping experience with great facilities and restaurants nearby. It has clean lavatory, shower areas and changing rooms. The beach is clean and well maintained by Hong Kong's Leisure & Cultural Service Department (LCSD). The Campground has two selection, one within the cubicle (metal fencing camp ground) and the other, open type camp ground. The camping facility offers barbecue-pit, picnic tables and chairs. Bringing your own cooking stove is possible as well because there's a perfect place for it. Fresh water for cooking and dish washing area is also available. The best part is that the beach offers not only refreshing swim but it's rich with sea shells and fish that can be harvested and consumed within the campsite or you even take it home.

SUNSET PEAK (869masl) - is the 3rd highest mountain peak in Hong Kong. The range offers great scenery atop and the range is link to many great mountain peaks as well, like LIN FA SHAN (766masl) and YI TUNG SHAN (747masl). It starts at Luk Tei Tung and Ends at Pak Kung Au.

Feel free to visit this beautiful Campsite and feel the power being rejuvenated and at one with nature.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy The Wilderness & Leave No Trace

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