Friday, May 30, 2014


Time and time again, we are reminded about safety and staying on track with a great knowledge on bearing points during outdoors adventure because a sudden miscalculation could lead to a disastrous situation; nevertheless a certain scenario could teach a careless adventurer a huge amount understanding and awareness.

Before embarking on a new adventure, study all about the dos and donts for your own safety. Getting on the edge may be pretty cool and easy but getting yourself trapped and finding no means of way out is just plain "Careless".

Preparedness is the key to success and having the right knowledge on what to carry during your adventure increased your chance of survival.

Please note that the gear listed below and featured on the photo is/are for reference only and you can definitely modify (add/remove) your own survival gear on the type of adventure your getting into. The 5 items on top and a reliable backpack are the most essential gear to consider and the rest are fully optional.

Survival Gear Essentials In A Pack:

1.) CUTTING TOOL - A knife with 5 inch diameter blade, full tang, high carbon steel with a capacity to throw sparks when stroked by flint steel or ferro rod.

2.) CONTAINER - A steel container that can be used to process food or water and has the capacity to transport liquids.

3.) COMBUSTION KIT - Redundancy is the key! Lighter, waterproof matches, Ferro Rod or Flint are some of the most modern tool in making fire but learning a special or primitive type of techniques can ease the burden...and everyone should learn it!

4.) COVER (Shelter) - An 8ft X 10ft or 10ft X 10ft Waterproof treated TARP Shelter can come in handy when needed. There are tons of choices from a regular thick black colored rubbish bag to high quality tarp...the choice is totally up to you.

5.) CORDAGE - I highly suggest everyone to use a "Paracord" because of its functionality and durability. It's a versatile type of cord and a good 30ft-50ft of cordage should definitely be enough to sustain your needs.

Other gear essential are somewhat optional in there own ways but I personally like to carry them during my adventure to maximize my chance to survive or to get out alive. 

1.) Two-Way Radio is one of the most reliable means of communication and with the right knowledge on how to use it can definitely secure your safety, especially when you know the right frequency.

2.) Portable Phone, Extra Battery & Power Bank are a sure win in terms of calling for rescue as long as you have good network coverage.

3.) Torch or Head Light and Extra Battery can definitely make a big difference specially when trying to figure out things in the dark.

4.) Writing Pad, Pencil & Pen - Not only you can log all the proceedings of your event but it's another way of keeping yourself me on this one because history has its potential means of repeating by itself and others may learn immensely from other adventurer's account.

5.) Clothing - It is wise to wear a layer of clothes according to the exact weather conditions. A great deal of knowledge on conduction,  convection and precipitation could save you from the natural elements in the great outdoors.

6.) Ration - As a responsible and organized adventurist, you should know the extended period of time of a certain event so that you can easily recharge and refuel without consuming your emergency ration.

7.) Identification - carrying all means of identifying you in case something goes wrong can be useful. I personally carry a piece of paper with my Name, Address and who to contact in case of Emergency. (Be sure to add the things that you might be allergic into so that it can be prevented by your rescuers...example: penicilline and so on...)

8.) First Aid Kit - Bandaid (Big & Small), Gauge, Batadine, Wet Wipes, Aspirin Tablets, Inflammatory Tablets, Water Treatment Tablets, Diarrhea Tablets and Duck Tape Role are some of the things inside my first aid kit.

As for my final advise, you should go and explore the outdoors according to your capabilities or with a relatively experienced adventurist who knows how to act accordingly in term of emergency situation.

Be Safe And Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

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