Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zi Tan Stream Adventure

A one of a kind adventure.

We started off on a fine cloudy day with a relative humidity that is usually unbearable to the locals of Hong Kong. We were meant to assemble in a Central Bus Terminus and 45 minutes before we gather, I received a message from a friend saying he made a mistake about the meeting place and I quickly responded to the point where we can easily get together so we can proceed to our hiking location easily. Told him to take responsibilities of calling all people he invited and I will handle all my guests and in no time we're all gathered together in Sai Wan Ho MTR Station and took bus number 14 to Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir where we can begin our thrilling adventure.

When we arrived at Tai Tam Tuk, we setup ourselves as we wait to the two remaining Mountaineers who were supposed to join us in this event and in just a short time they've arrived...we quickly meet and greet and Go!

We walk alongside the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir until we get to our starting area which is just across the end of the first bridge and we start scrambling through the refreshing stream all the way up to the top of the hill. After all the oops, oohs and aah along initial part of the trail we found a couple of small water holes to rejuvenate our senses so that we can all push on and found the main entrance of Zi Tan Stream.

We were welcomed with some refreshing rain, slippery path and perilous trail of Zi Tan Stream but it's not like something we cannot afford to manage. One thing that I noticed though, the water is way cooler and refreshing in the stream than the one in the reservoir. We spent some valuable time bushwacking until we get to the main waterfall,  took our chance to swim and produced a couple of great photos and videos while we're having all the fun we can get because the next part of the trail should be more challenging as anticipated.

So, wall after wall of climbing on huge boulders, weaving through mossy and perilous trail we all managed to overcome all the hurdles and trials of the trail, we even use the rope just to get everyone into safety. There were minor slips, slides, bumps, cuts and bruises but no major injuries and serious casualties (Thanks be unto God Almighty).

Then finally, Bridge #10 atop is reached and the adventure for the day is good and done. We all spent sometime at Repulse Bay Beach for some R&R and end up at Wing Wah Restaurant to celebrate the success of the event and post birthday celebration of our dear friend.

Overall, the best possible time is totally well spent on the most exciting trail with the greatest adventurers I've known.

Thanks to all who participated in this memorable event and I hope to see you again soon on our next exciting adventure.

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