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The easiest and the fastest way is to take NWFB No.15 starting at the Exchange Square Bus Terminus heading towards the PEAK and get off at Wan Chai Gap by the end of Stubbs Road. Then take the Aberdeen Reservoir Road downhill for a short distance to begin Section 4.

  • Difficulty: 2/5 (Easy Hike)
  • Distance: 7.5 Km
  • Duration: 2.0 Hour
  • Terrain: 50% / 50% of Natural trail and well maintained trail with a combination of concrete stairs, water catchment and uphill road. 
  • Scenery: There's perfect greenery on this trail and when you get to an opening, you will have glimpses of Aberdeen Reservoir and Ocean Park (Hong Kong's Amusement/Themed Park).
  • GPR Coverage: Excellent
  • Phone Coverage: Great
  • Packs: 4L - 8L 
  • Liquid Supplements: 500 ml  > 800 ml
  • Food Supplement: Power Bar or Fruit
  • Clothing: (Summer) Shorts & Shirt (Winter) + Wind Breaker and Convertible Pants
  • Extras: (Some are optional) Shirt, Hat, Sunglasses and Mosquito Repellent and Sun Screen.

Located after crossing the bridge when you pass the main starting area of Section 4.

A friendly sign post next to the Information Board. You will see plenty of this sign post in the trail to ensure your safety on this Trail.

Alright, after spending a few second at the information board and knowing your trail path, here is the main Entrance to Section 4. 

Like I mentioned, the trail is carefully marked with this kind of post so please don't get confused on your route. 

As you get deeper into the will feel the comfort of shade and shelter from the trees and the coolness of the breeze passing between the and through the trail.

Well this section is very refreshing! This photo is actually taken on top of the bridge but don't hesitate to go in and re-hydrate yourself during summer hike. A pretty good place to have your photo taken while the other person is on the opposite side (on the bridge) but be careful on the slippery rocks. 

Located at Aberdeen but a pretty good view along the trail.

After enjoying a moment on the open section of the trail, now it's time to get inside the wilderness again. Another dome type shelter from the trees will continue to give shelter along the trail.

It's very quiet around here knowing Hong Kong is a small City, but and all you can hear is just the sound of water cascading, birds singing and the rejuvenating sounds of the forest in the modern wilderness of Hong Kong. "Pretty impressive!" - I might say.

On a clear day, if you get will have a chance to see the Aberdeen Reservoir and its neighborhood.

After hiking through the natural trail, you will get to meet another concrete road with a wooden pavilion nearby. The Road is called "Black Link's" and at the opposite side of the road, you will see a sign post again that will lead you towards you exit point. The arrow pointing to the left will lead you back to your starting point at Wan Chai Gap Road and the one on the right will lead you to Wong Nei Chung Gap Road. I suggest you to take the route to the right to continue with the original trail!

As you end the hike you will be walking along side with Mt. Nicholson and it is really very entertaining on this section because you will have plenty of opening to see the Repulse Bay Beach and Golf Course, Twin Peak, Violet Hill and Parkview ...these are some of the best part to expect on your way out to finish the Hike.

Even though this trail is very easy, it is rather enjoyable because of its scenic views! I usually run when I take this section and it's really a perfect place for it but you need to be careful because the senior citizens are doing their early morning walk around here as well.

Friendly Reminder
Enjoy The Wilderness & Leave NO Trace

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